Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey or a land survey is a vital component in the designing process of a any site, it should be commissioned before any construction works takes place. Sidhu Survey Service is a prominent name in the topographic survey industry. The company is fast growing organisation and we are providing our survey services for topographic surveys, road, sewerage, canal, pipeline alignment surveys, research and engineering surveys, building and construction surveys, railway surveys and property survey for real estate industry.

In land surveying we use the technique to accurately determine the three-dimensional or terrestrial position of points and the distances and angles between them on the land surface. These points are often used for making maps or to establish boundaries for ownership. To do such survey we use use elements of trigonometry, geometry, physics, engineering, mathematics and law.

We have a vast experience of commissioning several topographic surveys and it is the core of our business. We use Total Stations, Star S86, Pentax W800 and DGPS receivers to carry out our surveys. These instruments are used for measurements and to determine the relative position of points and physical details on the surface of the Earth in order to depict and establish the position of points and details.